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Eveden Elomi Beatrice Nursing Bra 8053 USA Sizing

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The Elomi Beatrice soft cup maternity bra is a superb nursing bra. The bra is a wire free bra and is highly comfortable especially the further into pregnancy you get. The shape of the bra is great with the oversized side and rear power mesh panels that hold you in place and stop the chance of you spilling out. The cups are made of several parts and are fully lined to keep them smooth and comfortable over longer periods of wear. The wider elastic straps reduce the chance of them digging in to your shoulder while they are adjustable to help get the perfect fit. The new mom friendly drop cups are a joy to use with a squeeze of one hand, you can get breast feeding started. The drop cups are also well made and secure, so you don't have to worry about them coming loose. An elasticated under band is very good at keeping the bra in the correct place and the hook and eye clasps work well.

The bra has the following features:

Wire free

Hook and eye clasp

Drop cups

Wider straps

sizes 34DD-40JJ

Made of a mixture of the following Nylon / Modal / Cotton / Elastane.


Elomi Beatrice Soft Cup Nursing Bra in Black is a luxuriously soft and comfortable nursing bra. The Maternity bra excels with the support it gives in spite of the fact that the Beatrice bra does not use wires in its construction. The multi part cups have microfiber fabric and are lined to reduce chafing and allow moisture to wick away from the skin. The bra has easy to use drop cups for easy breast feeding, with the clips situated on the bottom of each strap. This bra is also available in the color Nude. Elomi bras are specifically designed with the fuller figure lady in mind.

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