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Hospital Grade Electric Breastpumps

Hospital grade electric breast pumps are multi-user rental breast pumps with a more effective suction, wavelike motion, and programming that can help a mother produce the maximum amount of breast milk possible.

Personal use breast pumps are intended for use by only one mother, while hospital grade pumps are approved by the FDA to be safe for multiple users as they contain barriers which prevent cross contamination. The Breastfeeding Center rents the Medela Symphony and Lactina Electric Breastpumps.

Why rent an electric breastpump?


Baby won't latch

Drop in milk supply

Mother of multiples

Exclusively pumping

Premature or hospitalized infant

Inducing lactation for adopted child

Wanting the most effective breastpump

Need help establishing your milk supply

Baby not able to breastfeed due to medical reasons

Medela Symphony Electric Breastpump

Symphony breast pumps include  2-Phase Expression technology, unique overflow protection, double or single pumping, one knob control, whisper quiet operation, and is easy-to-clean.

Symphony hospital grade electric breastpump

Symphony Monthly Rate: $70/month

Monthly Rate Additional Days: $3.50/day

Short Term Rate: $35/10 days 

Medela Lactina Electric Breastpump

Lactina hospital grade electric breastpump

Lactina Monthly Rate: $25/month

Call for availability:

Please note:

Rental breastpumps are in store pick-up only.
No shipping.
Personal accessory kit sold separately.
Call to see what additional parts you might need.

Digital Scale Rentals

Medela Baby Scale

Are you concerned about your baby's intake due to low milk production, infant's slow weight gain, prematurity, another concern or medical condition?

We rent the Medela Digital Baby Weigh Scale on a weekly basis. The scale automatically calculates breastmilk intake as low as 0.1oz (2g) from before and after feeding weights. Our employees will give full instructions on how to use the digital scale.

Digital Scale Monthly Rate: $25/week

Call for availability:

Please note:

Rental scales are in store pick-up only.
No shipping.

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