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Storchenwiege Wrap Louise 2.7


  • Woven Cotton Baby Carrier Wrap From Germany
  • Newborn through Toddler.. Supports the mother and baby in proper comfort
  • Storchenwiege is manufactured in Sachsen, Germany, under strict environmental regulations.
  • Storchenwiege Baby Slings are Oeko Text 100 certified
  • Storchenwiege Baby Slings have a double hemline for durability and the correct embracing of your baby's back.
  •  All Storchenwiege Baby Slings have tapered ends to ensure easy tying
Unique, beautiful patterns and colors The company's founder and fabric developer is a textile engineer All cotton used in the Storchenwiege Baby Sling is from controlled biological cotton farms (okeo tex). The weave differs from all other slings in the yarn strength used. In both directions (warp and woof) of the cross weave Storchenwiege uses a double strength, not simple thread. Other wraparound baby slings use the double strength yarn only in one direction. Not only does the strong weave help the durability of the baby sling, it also holds the tied knot better as it doesn't give after the baby is placed in it. This special weave does not influence the elasticity which is necessary to embrace your baby. The fabric is prewashed and preshrunk. This ensures the fabric has a minimal shrinkage of 2.5%. Most fabrics have far more. 
**Please note that Storchenwiege refers to their wraps as slings.**
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