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Snappi Baby

Snappi 3-pack Toddler Size (Gray, Green, Orange)



OVER 80 MILLION UNITS SOLD: Crazy number? Yep. Made up? Nope. Over 80 million Snappi Fasteners have been sold for prefold and flat cloth diapers. Snappi has been around for a long time, and there’s a reason for that.

BETTER THAN PINS: Nobody likes putting sharp diaper pins near their baby. Also, they’re just plain ugly. Snappi nappy clips give your baby some style and are 100% safe. No more steel diaper pins, cloth pins, or safety pins.

THE CLOTH DIAPER OASIS: Moms love our product and have been raving about it for years. Snappi guesses that parents hate hooking a safety pin onto their little ones. Snappi aims to make cloth diapering fun, stylish, and cute. Cloth diapers can be a pain, and they aim to be your oasis.

SAFE FOR LIFE: If your Snappi ever breaks or has any problems, contact Snappi and they'll ship you out a new Snappi within 48 hours.

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