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LaVie Lactation Massager



The LaVie Lactation Massager brings good vibes to your breastfeeding routine. Knock out clogged ducts, speed up milk letdown and milk flow, and reduce discomfort from engorgement. That way, you can stay focused on your beautiful bond with your baby. Plus it's waterproof! (Happy boobs, happy mama, happy baby.)

Establishing a good flow is everything as a breastfeeding mom. The original LaVie Lactation Massager works to maintain your flow by giving you:

Relief from clogged ducts and engorgement

Faster milk letdown

Improved milk flow

Faster breast emptying

Better latching by softening your breast 

Designed for all breasts

Multiple vibration modes so you can find what works best for you

Waterproof for use in the shower


Medical grade silicone

Comes with charging cord and soft storage bag

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