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Indian Prefold 3-Pack



These prefolds are the most absorbent and most durable diapers. They quilt up nicely when washed several times on hot, the stitching doesn't fray, they dried completely with one cycle in the dryer.

"I've tried them all -- European prefolds, ComPly prefolds, Babies Textile prefolds, gauze prefolds, cheap Walmart prefolds, regular Gerber prefolds and Gerber DSQ prefolds. Absolutely none of them could stand up to these diaper service quality Chinese prefolds. Our prefolds are soft, durable, absorbent, and just trim enough. The workmanship is quality and the manufacturer stands behind the diapers.These diapers are diaper service quality (DSQ).  If you are looking for a simple workhorse diapering solution, these are your diapers!" - Jennifer Labit, Cotton Babies Founder & CEO

A fastener or a good diaper cover will be needed for these diapers. Prefolds can be fastened with pins or with a Snappi, but you don't have to use either. Check out our selection of diaper covers for a great fastener-free solution!

Regular Bleached or Unbleached 4x6x4 (15-30 lbs). Measures 14.5" x 21" before washing

Indian prefolds benefits:  

Softer cotton - these are probably made of gauze cotton

Unbleached diapers wash up quicker (3 washes)

More absorbent

Indian prefolds drawbacks: May wear out faster than the Chinese prefolds. Lighter weight thread is used when sewing the ends of the diapers so the thread may wear out faster than the fabric does.


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