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Imagine Newborn Diaper Cover Limited Edition



Imagine Newborn Diaper Covers are waterproof and reusable. They are used to provide a waterproof outer shell for absorbent diapers such as prefolds, inserts, flats and fitteds. The hook and loop or snap closure allows for custom fitting around the waist of your baby. The newborn size will fit baby from 5-13+ lbs.

Paired with prefold cloth diapers, they are the most economical cloth diapering option. Additionally, you will feel confident in putting these on your baby, as they are made without all the chemicals in disposable diapers.


Imagine newborn covers will fit babies from 5-13+ lbs.


Imagine Diaper Covers are made of PUL (Polyurethane laminate). They are a waterproof yet breathable material. Paired with double leg seams, these diaper covers are leak proof no matter what you add inside for absorbency.

All of Imagine Baby Products are designed in the USA and responsibly created and sourced in China and Pakistan.

Preparing for Use:

It's recommended to wash new cloth diapers products before use, to remove any dust from manufacturing and shipping.

Imagine Baby Products H/L or Snap Diaper Covers need to be washed once prior to use.

You can put your new diaper covers in the wash with your normal laundry or diaper laundry. We recommend you do not use fabric softener or bleach on any cloth diaper products.

How to Use:

Use Imagine Baby Newborn Snap Diaper Covers with prefolds, with prefolds, flats, inserts, or fitted cloth diapers. You can simply wrap the cover around your cloth diaper, or use the inner front and back yokes to tuck your prefold or flat under.

To Use:

1) Adjust front snaps to desired size

2) Secure over an absorbent cloth diaper prefold, insert, flats or fitteds

3) Reuse cover if not soiled


Wash and Care:

1) Remove solids: Knock solids into toilet, dunk and swish, use a diaper sprayer, or diaper liner to help.

2) Remove prefold/inserts from the diaper cover before washing.

3) Run a rinse cycle on cold.

4) Run a full cycle wash on warm with additive-free detergent. We recommend the use of Allen's Naturally or Tide detergent. Do not use detergents with added softeners or stain removers.

5) For best results, run one more rinse cycle on cold.

6) Line dry or tumble dry on low/medium.


Imagine Newborn Diaper Covers are simple to use. You will need approximately 8-12 diaper covers. This will get you through 2-3 days in between washes.

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