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Chambray Linen. Our incomparable Chambray linen is woven from two contrasting colors of smooth, fine linen fibers creating a sleek, lightweight textile. Paired with our gold rings, Chambray is known for its balance – soft and floppy enough for the newborn days yet strong and supportive enough for the toddler years.

Ring Sling. A versatile carrier designed to be a custom fit each time in a variety of different carry styles. A ring sling perfectly supports your baby in a secure and ergonomic position by simply adjusting one strip of fabric and the rings.

Good for babies 7 - 35lb

One size, adjustable

Comfortable, custom fit every time

Compact, low profile + easy to pack

Wear baby hands free, in a variety of positions

Great for newborns, breastfeeding + wearing while pregnant

Made in California

Length note. We recommend starting with our standard length sling if you are unsure. Sling length is largely personal preference rather than a safety issue. The general rule of thumb for ring sling safety is that you want at least 6"+ of tail coming out of the rings when you are wearing it and our standard size is great for most wearers.

*All Sakura Bloom baby carriers are certified hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, and have been lab tested to comply with all current US government, ASTM, and CPSIA safety standards.

Fabric And Care

What to expect. Our Chambray linen is a great wash and wear textile, perfect for an everyday carrier. It arrives ready to love, right out of the box and will get softer and floppier with each wash and wear.

Care. Caring for your Chambray linen ring sling is easy. When it’s time to wash your carrier, just follow the instructions in your booklet. 

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