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MoBoleez Hat Tropical Tiles Large

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You're breastfeeding, but you want a quick, simple way to nab some privacy and avoid unwanted exposure and attention. Girl, we've been there. If you're anything like MoBoleez, you're not quite comfortable nursing completely uncovered, but you've had enough of 'wearing' a traditional, big and bulky nursing cover.

You Want a Product That Works Better

You're sick of dropping nursing blankets, done with adjusting wires, hoops, and straps, and are over getting tangled up in what often can be an uncomfortable, unattractive, and poorly made product. And, you're just plain tired of having to 'put something on' to get some privacy, making the act of getting from 'fuss to feed' an entire cardio workout.

We Created a Solution For Optimal Nursing Privacy, The MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hat

Well ladies, meet your new 'breast' friend, the product that saved our nursing sanity. The MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hat. Easy-to-use, lightweight, practical, and comfortable, it is the most innovative nursing cover on the market today.

  • ✓ EASY TO USE: Just pop on the hat, and voila! Dinner is served.

  • ✓ COMFORTABLE, PRACTICAL, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND DISCREET: Stay cool, move freely, maintain eye contact, and draw less attention from those passing lookyloos.

  •  ✓ MAKES A GREAT GIFT: It's the "gift trifecta" - something she needs, something she'll use, and something you can afford!

  • ✓ MADE IN THE USA: Safe, sustainable, made in the USA.

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