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Lillebaby Serenity Airflow Carrier



Say yes to breathability and extreme comfort! With three easy-to-adjust seat positionsfront strap and waist belt adjusters, you’ll find this carrier to be the perfect fit for both you and baby. All over breathable mesh keeps the temperature just right. Sized for all (XS-3XL).  Tote bag included.


Two-way adjustable straps, lumbar support, and adaptable seat create near limitless options for an ergonomic fit that suits you and your little one’s shape, comfort, and personal style. 


Revolutionizing baby wearing with three easy-to-adjust seat options for baby (narrow, medium, and wide seat). 

Difference between other Lillebabies:


  1. Waistband
    Serenity’s waistband is narrower and has a pocket in the front. Petite people will find that it is easier to sit down while wearing your baby in a Serenity carrier than in a Complete.
  3. Lumbar support
    Serenity’s lumbar support is a tad smaller and floppier and has a water bottle pocket on the lumbar support while the Complete does not. When you place something inside the pocket, like a phone or a sippy cup, it makes the lumbar support sturdier.
  5. Waistband adjuster straps
    Serenity can be adjusted on both sides while the Complete can only be adjusted on one. This is especially helpful when back carrying.
  7. Hood
     Serenity hood comes off by unsnapping three buttons. 
  9. Straps
    Serenity’s straps are narrower and thinner.
  11. Extra pockets
    On top of the lumbar support pocket, the waistband has a pocket and accessory snaps on the straps.
  13. Perfect fit adjuster PFA
    To make the fit even more customized, you can adjust the straps on the front.
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