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LaVie Milk Collector Silicone Breast Pump



Easily collect every drop! The silicone breast pump makes it easy to collect breast milk while nursing, or on the go. Just suction it to your breast and watch the liquid gold flow. No cords, batteries or assembly required, making it the perfect addition to your breastfeeding toolkit.

The Milk Collector is extremely versatile. Here are the top ways LaVie moms put their silicone breast pump to work:

Attach to one side while baby is nursing/while mama is pumping to collect letdown.

Gentle relief of engorgement pressure that doesn’t excessively stimulate more milk to be produced (for weaning).

Relieve clogged ducts by filling with epsom salt and warm water and using on the affected breast

Perfect for traveling - easy to toss into handbag, diaper bag, suitcase, or in your spare drawer at work for last-minute pumping needs.

Collects 90ml/3oz

No cords, batteries, or assembly required

Dishwasher safe

FDA-approved food-grade silicone

BPA, PVC, and phthalate free

Includes protective cover / lid



  1. Always sterilize a new silicone pump by boiling or steaming
  4. Flip over the wide flange to expose the narrow opening of the pump. Place the opening over your nipple. Make sure it is centered comfortably.
  7. Squeeze the bottle to create suction, and flip the flange back onto your breast. You may need to adjust the position and suction of your pump.
  10. Once milk begins to flow, simply leave the pump attached and the milk will begin collecting.
  13. When your milk flow stops, remove the pump and pour the milk into a storage container.
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