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2800 Lincoln Way East in Massillon, OH

Create your Wish List!

How to:

Pick One Option Below

  1. Stop in and fill out your list.
  2. Download list below, complete and drop off at The Breastfeeding Center or email to breastfeedingcenter@yahoo.com.
  3. Hand write or type want you would like and email or drop off.
  4. Give us a call and we will create your list with you. Wish List Cards to pass out to family and friends are available with store information.

More Info:

Family and friends are welcome to visit our boutique in Massillon to make their gift selections. They can also contact us by phone or email to purchase items. Breastfeeding Center Gift Certificates are also available.  

Be sure to ask for some Wish List Cards to provide for those who are shopping for gifts for you and your family. This will guide them to our website and store.

As Wish Lists are received your name will be listed below with a link to your list. Wish Lists will be updated in store as items are purchased.  Gifts can be mailed as needed. Actual shipping charges will apply.  Please call with questions!

Thank-you for supporting our small business!

We appreciate YOU!!

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BFC Wish Lists

Coming Christmas 2018!